Blink 182 – Up All Night

Arits : Blink 182
Title : Up All Night

Lyrics Blink 182 – Heart’s All Gone

Take off the gloves

We fell in love by the side of the road

This desert will break you down

The veins you cut

Your smoking tongue is the end of us all

But you only care about

Fame and fortune

Watching others tortured

Casting your reflection

Grocery store perfection

This is the last time

Sent to the front line

With dirty boots on the ground

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Blink 182 – Heart’s All Gone

Arits : Blink 182
Title : Heart’s All Gone

Lyrics Blink 182 – Heart’s All Gone

Everyone wants to call it

all around our life with a better name

Everyone falls and spins and gets up again

with a friend who does the same

Everyone lies and cheats

their wants and needs and still believes their heart

And everyone gets the chills

the kind that kills when pain begins to start

*reff 1

Can’t get this straight do you want me here?

As I struggle through each and every year

And all these demons

they keep me up all night 3x

Everyone’s cross to bear is

a crown they wear on endless holiday

Everyone raises kids in

a world that changes life to a bitter game

Everyone works and fights

stays up all night to celebrate the day

And everyone lives to tell

the tale of how we die alone some day

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Blink 182 – After Midnight

Arits : Blink 182
Title : After Midnight

Lyrics Blink 182 – after midnight

I can’t get my feet up off the edge

I kinda like the little rush you get

When you’re standing close to death

I think it’s driving me crazy

Hold on as we crash into the earth

A bit of pain will help you suffer

when you’re hurt,

for real

Cause you’re driving me crazy


Bite your lips,

the word’s a robbery

Do you grin inside?

You’re killing me

All along we talked of forever…

I kinda think that we won’t get better

It’s the longest start

but the end’s not too far away

Did you know?

I’m here to stay


We’ll stagger home after midnight

Sleep arm-in-arm in the stairwell

We’ll fall apart on the weekend

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Rocket Rockers – Reuni (Official Music Video)

Teman-teman saat SMA dan College adalah teman-teman yang spesial. Makanya satu buah lagu mereka nobatkan sebagai anthem untuk reuni teman-teman SMA atau College.

Rocket Rockers Realease New Video Mereka yang terbaru langsung aCheck THis Out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Endank Soekamti ” NARCOBRA ” ( anak band anti NARKOBA !!! )

Endak Soekamti yang yang gak kenal sama band Punk asala kota gudeg yogya ini.. kali ini meraka  membuat sebuah video yang di ciptakan kurang dari 24 jam.. (cool)
langsung aja deh check this out langsung aja neh videonya

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Note :

*Lagu ini kami dedikasikan untuk Yoyok PADI, Orang tua & Calon mertua, smoga mengijinkan anak gadisnya untuk berkencan dgn saya* credit: title : NARCOBRA song : Sebuah Lagu yang bernilai Moral.. heheh Check This OutNote : Endank soekamti location : FATBAZTARD RECORDS talent : Dory Soekamti ,Erix Soekamti ,Ahonk merchandise ,Yohan stripe,Mamen,Deny teenflick rocker,Isa end of julia,Ulog soho. bebas donlot & digandakan untuk kalian yg bebas NARKOBA !*

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